My love for dogs started at my early age. As a child I had spent much time  with dogs, and it was one beautiful childhood. In 1997 I got one German shepherd who definitely made my love of dogs even bigger, if that is possible. As I was in love in shepherd, after German, i found Caucasian, who took my hart because of that huge general appearance and fearless behavior! So, i took my first Caucasian Shepherd in 2010 year, who became champion very quickly! Right away after him our house became richer for one female of Caucasian Shepherd. That was a right time to start a kennel, and we registered IRON REGIMENT kennel. In this time, live my life surrounded with 8 Caucasian shepherds and together with my wife and 3 kids I take care of them! We live very near capital of Serbia, in a house with a very big yard, so our dogs have everything necessarily for their comfort life! We have imported dogs from Russia and Romania, and we have exported a lot, in Europe and whole world! Our goal is to create World and Euro winners, and to produce dogs with classical strong Caucasian attitude witch we are dedicated very much. Thanks for visiting my kennel website, I am here to be good host and to answer on all of your questions.
Vuko & Kićović family.


Puppies for sale, January 2023: